Who can participate in the Job Fair?

Any interested law student can participate. Although the Job Fair’s focus is fostering access to employment opportunities for persons historically underrepresented in the practice of law, no student will be denied an opportunity to participate. Last year about 150 law students from law schools across the country participated. The majority of these were second-year law students.

Any interested employer can participate. Participating employers include large and mid-size law firms; federal, state, and local government agencies; and state courts. Most of last year’s participating employers were from the Seattle area.

Do employers hire students they interview at the Job Fair?

Yes. The employers that participated and provided results of their interviews last year reported making job offers. In previous years, students routinely received callback interviews and offers as a result of their Job Fair interviews.

How many interviews can I expect?

Interviews are assigned based on student preferences and employer availability.  The number of pre-scheduled interviews typically ranges from one to three. However, because some students pre-scheduled for interviews do not attend, it is possible to add interviews at the Job Fair and many students do so. It is important to appreciate that employer hiring criteria (2L, 3L, Lateral) can affect the number of interviews per applicant.

How do I sign up to meet with employers?

Please refer to the Key Dates section at the top of this page for the latest schedule.

Am I guaranteed to meet with all of the employers in whom I express interest?

No. Each student is scheduled to meet with employers via a lottery system. Students will only be scheduled to meet with employers selected at registration and if they meet the employers’ hiring criteria. There will be an opportunity to sign up with additional employers on the day of the Job Fair.

If I’m unable to make a morning interview will that affect my participation for afternoon interviews?

Yes, if you don’t call to let us know you can’t make your morning interview(s) we will assume you don’t intend to participate in the afternoon interviews. Please call us to let us know if you will need to make adjustments to your schedule so we ensure your schedule isn’t affected.

Will many employers be interviewing 3Ls and graduates?

Each year varies and there are often opportunities for 3Ls and graduates for entry-level positions. However, the Job Fair tends to focus on students, mainly 2Ls, for summer associate positions.

What if I’m scheduled to meet with an employer at the Job Fair and on-campus?

If you are scheduled for an interview with an employer both at the Job Fair and on-campus at your law school, please cancel one of the interviews so that the employer has the opportunity to meet more candidates. If you must cancel your Job Fair interviews, please notify us by email at Job Fair as soon as possible.

When can I expect to receive my interview schedule?

The schedules are typically emailed to registered students in early August. Since all of the communication regarding the Job Fair will be via email it is very important that students provide a current email address.

Are funds available to help me with my travel expenses?

Unfortunately the Job Fair does not have funds available to help students pay for travel and other related expenses.

Will food be available the day of the Job Fair?

Yes. Complimentary beverages and food will be provided throughout the day. Beverages will include assorted juices and sodas, coffee and tea. Bagels and doughnuts will be available in the morning. There will be a luncheon for all employers and applicants. The speaker has not been determined. Vegetarian options will be provided.